Not one to always follow trend, this year I’ve seen ruffles popping up all over magazines, blog posts and window shops. Despite it’s consistent appearance, I never gave the look a second glance. Everything changed when I decided to try on this top; the realization hit me! Why everyone is obsessing over this trend!

Well…. For starters, everyone loves an upgrade. Last year it was all about ‘Off the shoulders, “It’s said a woman’s shoulder and collar bone is the sexiest part of her body ” You dare to show a little but leave the rest to the imagination. When you combine off the shoulders with ruffles, you automatically upgrade the super feminine look.

This brings me to my next point…

Ruffles are uber feminine and romantic. I mean deep down we are all hopeless romantics. Well… that’s what I believe. The ruffle detail adds a soft and pretty look to your outfit especially when wearing ruffled dresses and skirts.

Perfect for a date night wouldn’t you say?

Jeans- River Island| Strappy heels – Peacocks| Ruffled top – Woodgreen shopping centre| Bag- Woodgreen shopping centre – Independent No name brand |

If you’re not sure if the ruffle trend is completely your thing, choose a subtle ruffled top. That way you get a taste of the trend without having to overly commit yourself, especially if you find ruffles a little too “girly” for your personal style.

Making ruffles the vocal point to your outfits instantly changes the entire look. I opted to wear this pretty ruffled off the shoulder top with denim jeans. The layered ruffles instantly add drama and boldness to the outfit. I’m always running late therefore white top and denim jeans are my go to uniform attire. By pairing this pretty ruffled top with frayed denim jeans, I created the perfect juxtaposition. This screams soft feminine edgy glam with a pop a colour, and of course low heels to keep it comfy.

A perfect description of my style!

What are your thoughts on this trend?