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Curly to straight! How I straighten my Short Tapered cut

Hey dolls As most of you know, I started a healthy hair journey as a part of my 2017 hair goals. I don't know why but I got impulsive and decided to buy a hair straightener. Fresh out the box, I just could not resist the urge to test out my new hair toy'. I uploaded...

The new ‘Tress App’ that will make your hair game pop!

I literally cannot count how many times I have gone up to a complete stranger to compliment them on their hairstyle. 90 percent of the time, I’m usually too shy to ask  for details or we are passing ships, therefore no time to ask those two burning questions ‘where...


Not sure how to style your hair?  Don’t worry I got you covered!

Every other Thursday, I upload simple styling tutorials on my youtube channel where I show you how to achieve simple styles with minimum effort.

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