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Get to know more about me

I am originally from the beautiful island of Jamaica but I’m currently living in London (UK)

For the past six years, I’ve been creating online tutorials showing women all over the world how to style and care for their natural hair. I believe simple and easy makes things less complicated and more fun. 

The skills I gained from working as a beauty therapist and my love for beauty has transpired into my videos.

Who I am

My story begins with the cliche, “bored at work”, doing a job which didn’t reflect my beauty therapy qualification. In my spare time I would spend hours pouring through beauty magazines, Essence particularly caught my eye in the online space. This inspired me to pursue what I love and my blog, queen Teshna was created in 2012 as a YouTube initially. 


Queen Teshna quickly became a creative outlet and an escape from my everyday mundane tasks. It has enabled me to collaborate with like minded people and connect with some empowering women.